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We also use the icare tonometer which requires no drops to check eye pressure and feels much better than that air puff test! Or even the blue light goldmann tonometer. 




OFFICE HOURS (staff present):

Mondays:         9AM-3:45PM
Tuesdays:         9AM-6:45PM
Wednesdays:   9AM-3:45PM
Thursdays:       9AM-5:45PM

Fridays:            9AM-2:15PM

Saturdays:       9AM-2:30PM (some Saturdays only, if no one picks up phone please call next business day)

(Examinations by appointment only)

- Accepting Medicare + private insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Oxford, AARP Supplemental only, Clover PPO, Qualcare PPO, Cigna, Amerihealth, Aetna and others.

- VSP, March Vision, United Healthcare Community Plan

- No insurance? No problem.

- We have reasonable private pay prices as seen below.

We take all PPO Insurances
If we do not take your insurance such as an HMO, you can pay privately for a visit here then submit the receipt and claim to your insurance and they will pay for all or a portion of it as long as there is no unmet deductible.


for adults and children (age 7 and up)
  • We have a full optical and we offer services such as repair of eyeglass frames, adjustments etc.

  • MVC exams

New Patient?

Download our registration forms below
Please bring your current or old glasses and/or last prescription and contact lens box or old contact lens prescription with you if you wear them and your ID and your insurance card(s)
Fees - all fees include prompt pay/professional courtesy discount for private self-pay patients, insurance rates vary
  • $99 - For single vision full glasses, frame and CR-39 lenses included, all other options are Extra such as transitions, progressives, frame upgrades, thinner lenses (if necessary depending on prescription) etc.
  • $109 - Eye examination, new or established patient - routine only (no medical symptoms or disease found during exam)
  • $0 - No extra fee for dilation, whether on same day or another day
  • $40 - Extra fee for medical evaluation/consultation (symptoms,  prescriptions for medication, medical decision making etc.)
  • $55 - Individual test such as an OCT, Visual field, pachymetry, gonioscopy, (B Scan ultrasound is $125)
  • $289 - Glaucoma work up, includes all testing as necessary including pachymetry, OCT RNFL, Visual Field, Fundus photos, gonioscopy if indicated, and the visit itself to explain all results
  • $55 -  Foreign body removal from the eye (visit is extra)
  • $238 - Insertion of punctal plugs, visit and plugs included.
  • $55 - Insertion of bandage contact lens for corneal abrasion
  • $55 - Contact lens evaluation for regular (spherical) contact lenses ( previous wearers only have to bring in old box or show picture of old boxes if new patient)
  • $75 - Contact lens evaluation for toric (astigmatism contacts) existing OR Multifocal/monovision evaluation for existing wearers.
  • $145 - Contact lens fittings for new patients for toric (astigmatism) or regular (spherical) contact lenses. (includes trials and up to 5, 45 minute training visits)
  • $195 - Multifocal/monovision contact lens fitting for first time multifocal wearers. (includes trials and up to 5, 45 minute training visits)
All contact lens fees are on top of regular examination fee, except if the patient comes within 2 months of the examination just to do contacts. Contact lens fees include trial contact lenses and any and all visits to find the best contact lenses for your eyes whether it takes 1 visit or 5 it is the same price. The contact lens fees Do Not include any medical issues that arise separately or due to the contact lenses, which is rare.
Be aware that most toric (astigmatism), high prescription or multifocal lenses have to be custom ordered for the patient so the fee has to be paid first and then trials are ordered and all follow up visits to try those lenses or other extra trials are no extra charge. 
All other procedures/fees please ask any staff member including the doctor before doing the test/procedure. We prefer the patient be informed first before we do anything so there are no surprises later.
Instructions before coming in:
  • Patient registration forms can be downloaded and printed to the left
  • Please bring your contact lens box, most recent pair(s) of glasses or old contact lens/glasses prescription with you if you wear them and your ID and your insurance card(s).
  • Dr. Martin Bucharowski is a specialist on medical insurances, please make sure you have a referral for a specialist if you have a medical insurance that requires referrals. PPO do not require a referral.

$109 - Routine Eye Exam includes picture of the back of the eye (Optos), no dilation drops in almost all cases!

$149 - Medical Eye Exam with back of the eye picture (Optos)


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